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The World Boxing Council has always taken the care and comfort of our athlete as a priority,

Starting with Jose Sulaiman’s Friendly Hands Foundation, and many other private and kind acts of assistance, boxers, whether WBC or not, they have been a part of our WBC family. Then the Safety and Health Task Force, the donations to Neurological studies and individual counseling. Jose created this platform for all.

When we joined the USA Congressional Mental Health Task force, led by our friend, Rep Grace Napolitano, Mental Health Awareness, all aspects of it, became a focus of Cares and the Suleimans. We travelled to Washington DC in 2014, as a part of a charity event, went to the White House, and solidified the relationship.

Mental Health is the core of WBC Cares mission, and May was declared the special month specific to this cause. We wear and encourage the use of the Green Ribbon as a symbol of our solidarity.

This year, in addition to many seminars and postings, visits to schools and gyms as well as sporting events, we did many panels devoted to the different aspects of Mental Health, in hopes of improving and educating our community. Thanks to WBC University, a platform of quality existed, and thanks to all of us, joined by top experts in the field of Mental Health we broadcasted discussions ranging from anxiety, depression, loss, drug addiction, bullying, head trauma, suicide prevention and advancements, just to name some. They can all be watched on the WBC University platform and on the website.

Mental Health is the cornerstone of our lives. The ability to find clarity, to act in the self-interest of ourselves and others, to walk through life with a more cheerful outlook and positive image of the world, to feel engaged in life to find support in Structure, Purpose, and Community.

If you are surrounded by friends who support you, who listen to you who take you seriously, that is a healthy element of a good life. If needed, the courage to seek professional help is important, too. Some neurological issues stem from physical and physiological ones and require treatment. Most importantly, allowing yourself to be open about your problems and discomfort and reaching out. As a wise person said, we are only as weak as our secrets. Do not be ashamed of your humanity. We all have battles to fight and hopefully friends to help us win them.

I was told that if you give someone just eight minutes to listen to them, to let them disclose, to embrace them and their problems, you can change their lives. Who doesn’t have eight minutes to spare for a person in need?

We go to the gym for our bodies why not a gym for our minds? Daily affirmations, physical activity, hugs and smiles, and a compassionate ear for those who need one. It is our hope some of our WBC Talks provided some tools for a better life..

President Mauricio Sulaiman and the team, want you to know, that health is our first liberty. Reach out. We will reach back. We stand with you.

WBC Talks - May for Mental Health flyer

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