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The year is 1949 – a year of historical significance for Germany. While the Basic Law was signed in Bonn and the Federal Republic of Germany came into being, another milestone of sporting historical relevance took place in Berlin-Charlottenburg: the founding of the Association of German Professional Boxers (BDB).

The 75th Anniversary of the BDB was a beautiful celebration of old and new, chaired and organized by Thomas Pütz and indeed worthy of participation by the WBC.

Led by Malte Michaels-Müller, Chair of the WBC Women’s Championship Committee, Jill Diamond, Raja Amasheh, Champion Ivana Habazin, Charles Giles, Víctor Silva and Charles Muñiz flew to Hamburg to join in the gala.

The most touching moment for us was the awarding of WBC commemorative plaques to the attending women champions at the dinner held at the beautiful Grand Elyse Hotel, where the WBC will also hold their convention.

WBC Cares celebrating the Association of German Professional Boxers (BDB)
Members of WBC Cares and the BDB (Association of German Professional Boxers) posing while having lunch and having a great time.

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