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Affiliated Programs


The power of sports to enable and create powerful women

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Feet First Foundation

Text Book Boxing to Improve Mental Health

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UCLA Neurosurgery

Working together for our athletes’ health

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Autism Speaks

Dedicated to promoting solutions across the spectrum

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Police Athletic League

Using Boxing to promote better lives

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Bringing the private and public sectors together for students

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Rx Water

A huge contributor to the careers of athletes and artists worldwide

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Lucy Laney Academy

Quality of lives for underserved students

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Eagle Academy for Young Men of Harlem

Making dreams real

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Association of Suicidology

Prevent Suicide

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Give a Kid a Dream Foundation

One of the most successful youth boxing programs out of NY. Giving kids in need a fighting chance

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USA Congressional Mental Health Task Force

Bipartisan task force to End the stigma

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Merging Vets
and Players

Brings athletes and veterans
together to huddle and heal


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