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The NYAC was packed with boxing fans from the Tristate area waiting for one of the most prestigious amateur tournaments of the year to begin.

WBC’s Jill Diamond took the opportunity to give James Mercante, a medal for his dedication to yje sport and the community. His father, Arthur Mercante’s legacy is done proud by James, and the Mercante family.

This is one of the best and most joyous events as some young talent take the ring, hope for victory and decide whether they’ll go the distance and become a Pro.

The event is a tradition. And as always, the Police Department’s Color Guard started it off by displaying the Stars and Stripes and performing the National Anthem.

The WBC and the NYAC also have a tradition of celebrating historical events together, including great parties, amateur shows and the film premiere of Return to Your Corner, the documentary about Battling Siki.

It was a night worth remembering. More to come! See you next year!


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