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Thanks to WBC U, during Mental Health Awareness Month the WBC Cares will present many programs to assist our community with their issues.

The first broadcast was “Rising from Defeat and Team Trauma” , with Dr. Irma Diaz, author, lecturer, spiritual leader and an organizer of the Congressional Mental Health Task Force. With her were Victor Silva and Jill Diamond, Cares Chair.

Dr Diaz said never mask your emotions but put your humanity in front of winning as a mark of success. We even learn from defeat.

Being open about the levels of feelings and stress and the importance of having a supportive community can make a huge difference in healing, for all.

And every team member must share their emotions. Shared trauma acknowledges that not only the fighter, but everyone from the coach to the family are affected, win or lose.

Clarity is the key. Being aware of the many ways our moods and health are affected by disappointment, and if the feelings don’t subside to seek help.

Don’t let one bad day define whom you are. Celebrate your efforts and your passion. It’s better to experience loss than regret not trying.

You can listen to the full broadcast on Facebook, at WBC University and contact Dr Diaz at:

Cares thanks Xothcil and Gilvert for their efforts in producing the show.

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