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In a remarkable step towards transformation, WBC Cares initiated its first-ever boxing fitness class at a penitentiary. Partnering hand in hand with Reinserta, our mission is to instill hope through sports. We’ve dedicated ourselves to introducing boxing fitness to those who have experienced deprivation of freedom. Today, this vision became a reality, as two distinct groups of women embraced a transformative class, guided by the champion Rosy Olvera.

The impact was profound. Women experienced a surprising shift in their body and mind after engaging in the workout. A total of seventy women, full of enthusiasm, witnessed a different kind of Monday – one marked by organization and inspiration.

This monumental occasion marked the commencement of a new era. It marked the first-ever boxing fitness class held at a female penitentiary in CDMX. But this is just the beginning. Our commitment extends through December 2023 as we strive to establish this empowering activity as a weekly fixture.

At WBC Cares, the power of sports goes beyond physicality. It’s about fostering resilience, empowerment, and the belief that change is possible. Together, we’re making a lasting difference.

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