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In a powerful collaboration for mental well-being, WBC Cares teamed up with La Salle University, Nezahualcóyotl campus, for the 3rd International Congress and 4th National Symposium on Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Promotion for children, adolescents, and vulnerable groups. The event showcased the profound impact of prioritizing mental health and brought together esteemed speakers to engage and inspire.

Christiane Manzur speaking to the public at the Symposium| WBC Cares La Salle

Inspiring a Healthy Mindset

Christiane Manzur, President of WBC Cares Mexico, and Elizabeth Reyes, Executive Secretary of WBC Cares, addressed students from various disciplines, including Psychology, emphasizing the significance of mental health. Manzur highlighted the correlation between physical and mental health, drawing parallels from the world of boxing, where determination and healthy choices lead to success.

Elizabeth Reyes conveyed the desire for the symposium to serve as a turning point for attendees, instilling an understanding of the importance of community mental health. The aim was to motivate and inspire participants through this enriching experience.

Insight into Real-world Challenges

Former DEA agent Rocky Heron delivered a candid talk about the dangers of drugs and over-medication among young individuals. His experiences shed light on the real impact of these choices on lives. He urged attendees to recognize their role as architects of their destinies and make informed decisions.

Former DEA agent Rocky Heron delivering a candid talk about the dangers of drugs

Championing the Cause

Esteemed former world champions, including Humberto González, Miguel Ángel González, Erik Ortiz, and Victor Rabanales, added their voices to the symposium. Their presence amplified the importance of mental well-being and provided a unique perspective from the world of boxing.

Connecting Values and Impact

Amidst the distinguished speakers, the symposium also celebrated the shared values and commitments of WBC Cares and La Salle Neza. Their collaborative effort to prioritize mental health resonates with the ethos of Cleto Reyes Boxing, a brand renowned for its dedication to the well-being of athletes and the wider community. By fostering this connection between boxing, mental health, and community support, attendees gained insights that extend far beyond the symposium.

The collaboration between WBC Cares and La Salle Neza marked a significant step towards promoting mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Through inspirational talks, real-life insights, and the involvement of respected individuals, the symposium ignited a spark of understanding and motivation. In a world where mental health is paramount, this event served as a reminder that every individual can be an advocate for their well-being and the well-being of their communities.

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