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Unfortunately, body image plagues many of our teens. Not only young women, but also young men. And it continues into adulthood, sometimes impacting or ruining our lives.  Whether a person is striving for a muscled appearance or losing more weight than nutritionally suggested, it’s a prevalent,  and difficult path that can lead to a grave illness, or even death.. During Teen Health month, we’d like to present some basic ideas for anyone who is dealing with this issue and for  their families. We wish everyone a long and quality life, free from the pressures and imposed images that social media and other forms of cultural bias present us. A strong, nourished body is what’s important.We thank Ana Bottoms for her suggestions.Health is our first and most important liberty.Jill DiamondWBC Cares, Global Chair

5 Warning Signs of Poor Body Image

  • Being preoccupied with your body’s weight, shape, or appearance.
  • Having feelings of shame, anxiety and self-consciousness about your body.
  • Frequently comparing your body to others’ and feeling that your body is flawed in comparison.
  • Struggling with feelings of depression, isolation, or low self-esteem.
  • Using unhealthy behaviors to change your weight or shape like dieting, skipping meals, fasting or taking laxatives.

5 Ways to Help Someone Struggling with Poor Body Image

  • Compliment them on something unrelated to their body.
  • Talk about what is going on in their life.
  • Challenge negative thoughts by asking them ‘why’.
  • Practice self care together.
  • Listen non-judgmentally

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