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Narda’s boxing journey was a testament to her passion and dedication. She trained tirelessly, fought with unwavering spirit, and gave her all in every match. Her commitment to the sport was undeniable, and she quickly gained recognition as a formidable talent in the boxing world.

In the warm and welcoming atmosphere of ‘Martes de Café’, a remarkable event unfolded. It was a day to honor and celebrate the incredible journey of retired boxer Narda Castro, who received a medal of distinction. Narda’s story is one of courage, determination, and an unwavering spirit that continues to inspire us all.

However, life sometimes takes unexpected turns, and Narda faced a challenge that would change the course of her boxing career. Due to health issues, including brain bleeding revealed in MRI results, Narda had to make a difficult decision. She chose to retire from the sport she loved, putting her health and well-being first.

It was a decision that resonated deeply with all who knew her. Narda’s choice to prioritize her health was not only a wise one but also a brave one. It showcased her inner strength and unwavering determination to protect herself from further harm.

Narda Castro posing with her medal alongside boxing legend Mariana 'Barby' Juarez, Julio Ceja and WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman

Narda’s medal was presented to her in a heartwarming ceremony that included some remarkable individuals. WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman, alongside boxing legend Mariana ‘Barby’ Juarez and Julio Ceja, Narda’s coach, all came together to honor her outstanding achievements.

Their presence not only added a touch of greatness to the event but also highlighted the profound impact Narda has had on the world of boxing. It was a moment filled with respect, admiration, and the recognition of a true champion.

As we applaud Narda’s accomplishments and honor her journey, we also extend our heartfelt support and admiration. Her decision to retire from boxing was a decision to safeguard her health and well-being, and we stand by her side, cheering for her continued success and happiness.

Narda Castro, you are a champion in heart and spirit, and your story will continue to inspire us all.

In honoring Narda with this distinguished medal, we celebrate not only her boxing skills but also her resilience and courage in the face of adversity. Narda Castro is a true champion, not just in the ring but in life. Her story serves as a powerful reminder that sometimes the bravest battles are fought outside of the boxing ring.

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