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The WBC and WBC Cares have been proud members of the USA Congressional Mental Health Task Force since 2014 and we are devoted to all it stands for.

Mental Health Awareness is more important than ever. With addiction and suicide rates climbing it is our mission to reach out to as many people as possible and remind them that they are not alone.

This month WBC Cares will focus on your shared wellbeing.

Boxing is a tool we can all use to combat many of these issues. It requires focus, which releases your mind from external troubles. It releases anxiety by increasing endorphins. It is a powerful means for managing wellbeing with short and long term emotional benefits.

Take a moment to call a friend, give a hug, flash a smile and please don’t suffer alone. Just like good moments pass so do the bad ones.

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WBC Cares - May for Mental Health flyer in English
WBC Cares - May for Mental Health flyer in Spanish

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