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At the Jose Sulaiman Boxers Fund, our mission is to champion the well-being and resilience of professional boxers facing adversity, ensuring that they received the support necessary to navigate challenging times with dignity and strength. Inspired by the enduring legacy of Jose Sulaiman, a visionary leader in the world of boxing, our commitment is unwavering in providing a lifeline to those who have dedicated their lives to the sport.

Core Values:

1. Empathy and compassion: We approach every boxer’s struggle with empathy, understanding the unique challenges they face both inside and outside the ring. Our compassion fuels our commitment to making a positive impact on their lives.Dignity and Respect: We uphold the dignity of every individual, recognizing the inherent value and worth of each boxer. Our actions are guided by a deep respect for their contributions to the sport and their journey as athletes.

  1. Community and Solidarity: We believe in the strength of community and the power of solidarity. The Jose Sulaiman Boxers Fund fosters a sense of belonging, uniting the boxing community to support its members during times of hardship.
  2. Holistic Support: Beyond financial assistance, we strive to provide holistic support, addressing the diverse needs of boxers. This includes mental health resources, educational opportunities, and mentorship programs to empower them beyond their careers in the ring.
  3. Advocacy for Boxer’s Rights: We are committed to advocating for the rights and well-being of boxers on a broader scale. By collaborating with industry stakeholders, policymakers, and the public, we seek to enact positive change and create a more equitable environment for all boxers.

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