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At the WBC, our unwavering commitment lies in spreading comprehensive awareness about breast cancer. Since 2013, we have actively participated in the breast cancer awareness campaign, particularly during the month of October.

We proudly don the color pink and engage in breast cancer awareness initiatives to combat this deadly menace, which knows no age or social boundaries but is entirely curable when identified early.

Early detection is the cornerstone of defeating breast cancer. Therefore, it’s crucial for all of us to come together, united and resolute, to extend this critical message to women everywhere.

To translate our commitment into action, the World Boxing Council has organized a series of activities as part of our October Awareness Campaign. Our esteemed champions, in collaboration with WBC Cares, serve as dedicated ambassadors, delivering this vital message with absolute clarity.

In line with our awareness campaign, we want to underscore the fundamental significance of regular self-examination. This simple practice can identify any abnormalities at the earliest stage, making it a paramount step in breast cancer prevention.

We encourage everyone to join us in this campaign. By spreading the word, supporting awareness events, and sharing life-saving information, we can collectively contribute to the fight against breast cancer. Together, we can make a difference and save lives.

For more information on breast cancer awareness and prevention, please explore our resources and get involved in our initiatives. Let’s stand together in the battle against breast cancer and promote early detection as a path to saving lives.

WBC Cares - Breast Cancer Awareness Month flyer

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