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At WBC Cares, we proudly introduce Kunal Goyat, a beacon of goodwill and compassion, as our ambassador.

Instilling Values Through Sports

In India, young boys and girls are honing their skills in an atmosphere filled with kindness and unwavering dedication.

Inspiring Young Minds

Kunal and his dedicated team have tirelessly pursued their mission to introduce the world of boxing and WBC Cares to their society. Under the banner of WBC Cares India, they embarked on a journey to inspire the young minds of their villages. Their goal: instill the values of boxing, sportsmanship, and the perils of drug abuse in these children.

A Journey of Dedication

Their efforts haven’t been in vain. Village children have been motivated to embrace a healthier, drug-free lifestyle by taking up boxing. By distributing WBC Cares T-shirts to these young individuals, they aim to remind them daily of the positive aspects of boxing and the values upheld by WBC Cares. Their aspiration is for these youngsters to choose the path of sports and build a brighter future through their dedication.

A Brighter Future Beckons

With Kunal Goyat and the entire WBC Cares India team, we are paving the way for a brighter future filled with hope, determination, and a spirit of compassion.

We are proud of Cares India!

Young attendees with WBC Cares t-shirts representing WBC Cares India

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