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Empowering Women Through Boxing


Urvashi Singh, a distinguished Professional Boxer from India, has etched her name as the First-Time Middle East Asia Female World Title Champion. Her journey has led her to grasp the prestigious WBC International World title and the WIBA title. Urvashi’s exceptional prowess extends to her amateur days, where she proudly held the gold Youth Women Championship Medal, emerged victorious as the Inter College Boxing Champion, and secured the All India University Championship.

In a country where women’s recognition is a battle, Urvashi stood resilient. Her early training at Roshan Boxing Academy involved sparring with men, a secret endeavor she pursued without her parents’ knowledge. Guided and mentored by Nathanial Roshan, Urvashi transformed into the champion she is today. Her journey has now elevated her to the role of headlining boxing shows.

Beyond her boxing achievements, Urvashi utilizes her platform and popularity to send empowering messages to young women and children. She understands the value of her influence and uses it to inspire others to dream big.

I am fortunate to have the support of countless boxing fans in India. While the pressure to perform in the ring is immense, representing my country on a grand stage is an honor I hold dear.

Recognizing Urvashi’s dedication, WBC Cares has proudly named her a WBC Ambassador of Women Empowerment in India. Urvashi’s accomplishments and her team’s efforts resonate as a source of pride. Her journey serves as an inspiration, not only for her exceptional athletic skills but also for her unwavering commitment to empowering women.

Urvashi Singh, a symbol of resilience, empowerment, and championship spirit.

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