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The van she drives proclaims her the Queen of a beverage company but she uses it now to bring  food, primarily chicken, to the needy. The people she serves call her the Chicken Queen, and she likes the title.

What a privilege to meet a woman who is dedicated not just to an idea, but whose service improves the lives of others in a tangible manner. Noemíe Charest is doing it in Montreal with her initiative to feed the homeless and hungry.

Backed by Camille Estephan (EOT Promotions) and embraced by WBC Cares, Noémie Charest and her team pick up dozens of chicken platters, coffee juice , donut dots and hot chocolate and every Tuesday and Thursday distribute them at specific drop off points where the hungry wait for her. Her denizens have dubbed her the Queen of Chicken!

She has been doing this since 2021 and the meals, the smiles and the love keeps on going. Noemí believes her showing up in person means almost as much as the food. “We care and they know it.” she says .

Like many who pick a path for giving, Noemi’s choice to help those more challenged, is personal. Her empathy is admirable. The people respond to her like family. And she feels the same about them.

With her this Tuesday were personnel from EOT and boxers Christopher Guerrero and Moreno Fendero.

Long live the Queen!

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