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Transforming a Celebration

When WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman was awarded the prestigious Man of the Year Award by the Qualitas of Life Foundation on their 15th Anniversary, he did something extraordinary. He transformed the event into a lively celebration, turning the spotlight on the importance of community and generosity.

Laughter, Play, and Giving

Surrounded by renowned boxers like Iran Barclay, Vinnie Paz, Ryan Rozinicki, and actor Holt McCallany, Mauricio Sulaiman, with his infectious spirit, made the evening unforgettable. They laughed, played, and interacted with the attendees, including many big-hearted donors who gathered at Case and White in NYC.

A Star-Studded Gathering

The event was graced by the presence of notable figures, including Christiane, Valeria, and Jose Sulaiman, Bruce Silverglade, Jill Diamond, Neil Leifer, Brittan Hardin, James and Annie Mercante, Randy “the Commish” Gordon, and Dan Otter. It was a true star-studded gathering, united by the cause of making a positive impact.

Qualitas of Life’s Transformative Mission

Qualitas of Life, a non-profit organization, is on a mission to change the lives of underprivileged Hispanics by imparting financial literacy. The WBC, recognizing the power of this mission, stands firmly with them, extending its support to reach as many people as possible, particularly boxers who dream of a brighter future.

Commemorative WBC Belt for a Cause

The highlight of the evening was the sale of a commemorative WBC Belt, with each purchase equivalent to funding 100 valuable lessons. This belt found its new owner in Mike Jackman, a close friend of Vinny Paz and the WBC. This symbolic gesture beautifully combined the love of the sport with a commitment to the cause.

A Night of Celebration and Life

What made the evening even more special was its timing on the eve of “El Día Los Muertos”, a celebration of life and remembrance. It was a fitting way to honor the spirit of giving and the profound impact of community involvement.

Gratitude to a Compassionate Leader

In closing, the Qualitas of Life Foundation expressed profound gratitude to its founder and chair, Marcela Orvañanos, for her boundless compassion and unwavering dedication to her community. Her commitment is a testament to the fact that when we elevate the standards of one person, we contribute to the elevation of society as a whole.

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