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WBC Cares, in collaboration with My Sister’s Keeper and Solve the Silence, orchestrated a remarkable event at Gleason’s Gym, all thanks to the generosity of Bruce Silverglade and the WBC.

A Day of Empowerment

One hundred and fifty teenage girls were treated to an unforgettable day, filled with motivation and inspiration. The event featured some incredible women who are making their mark in the world of boxing.

Alicia “the Empress” Napoleon-Espinosa, Sonya “the Scholar” Lamonakis, Ronica “the Queen” Jeffrey, Malissa “the Author” Smith, and Sarah “the Leader” Cunningham took center stage. This extraordinary group of women shared their stories, their passion for the sport, and their life journeys.

A Unique Experience

The program was expertly planned and moderated by Stacey McCoy and assisted by Jill Diamond. It was an occasion to remember as each of these talented boxers answered questions from the young audience. Their insights into both their lives and the world of sports were eye-opening and inspiring.

A Day in the Ring

But it wasn’t all talk; the highlight of the day was an exciting boxing demonstration inside the ring. The girls themselves had the chance to step into the ring and experience the thrill of boxing firsthand. It was a day of empowerment, resilience, and fun.

Celebrating Inspirational Leaders

We want to extend our gratitude to School Superintendent, Janice Ross, and Councilwoman, Farah Louis, for their active participation and their inspirational words. Events like these are vital for the community, fostering empowerment, education, and a sense of unity.

Girls Rule

Once again, at Gleason’s Gym, the girls ruled the day. In a world where such empowering and enjoyable events are needed more than ever, this gathering of inspirational figures and eager young minds was truly special.

Let’s keep the spirit of empowerment alive and remember that events like this can shape a brighter future for everyone involved.

Once again, girls ruled at Gleasons!

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