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In the festive spirit of Christmas, the Muay Thai Family Saarbrücken School, led by Wolfgang Möger and Monika Vasileva, hosted a heartwarming Christmas party. Beyond the joyous celebrations, the occasion turned into an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution.

Wolfgang Möger and Monika Vasileva, dedicated advocates for the well-being of children, announced a generous donation of €2200 for children’s oncology. Their tireless efforts, especially in working with children and young people, exemplify the true essence of the holiday season — giving and spreading love.

The success of this initiative is not just attributed to the hosts but extends to the collective warmth and compassion of the entire team. Alessandro Sorce and his team, with their open hearts, played a crucial role in making this Muay Thai Christmas event not only memorable but impactful.

Beyond punches and kicks, this Muay Thai community showcased the power of coming together for a greater cause. As the festive cheers echoed in the training halls, so did the spirit of generosity and solidarity.

In the true spirit of the season, the Muay Thai Family Saarbrücken School demonstrated that the joy of giving is a powerful force, capable of creating smiles and, in this case, contributing to the noble cause of children’s oncology.

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